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Contact Hamza 0331256598 project maker team is the best project maker with the best projects topics, we make all types of school and engineering projects, all kinds of best projects and best project support from teams’s the project maker, unique project topics, and project ideas with the best guidance of mini electronics, mini electrical, physics, solar and many more for science fairs and for educational science fairs award-winning projects.

You can choose from the list or you can order customized projects as per your needs.

Project ideas

  • gsm based home automation project
  • Fiber optic light transmission project

  • GSM based Attendance system

  • Magnetic gun project

  • Ohms law project

  • zener power suppliers project

  • wireless power transition project

  • wireless electric transmission


  • emergency mobile charger project

  • automatic emergency light project

  • Engineering and Mechanical Projects
  • solar charging bag

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