DC 3V-6V Gear Motor


This DC Motor can be used in different science projects, like robot, cars and etc. You can power these motors with 3VDC up to 6VDC, they’ll of course go a little faster at the higher voltages. We grabbed one motor and found these stats when running it from a bench-top supply

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  • Strong magnetic with anti-interference
  • Size: 70*22.5*19mm (Excluding the output shaft, one-side output shaft: 8.5mm)
  • Reduction ratio: 1:48
    Working voltage: 3V ~ 6V
  • 3v voltage: current 70ma, speed about 95 rev/min, torque about 0.6KGf.cm
  • 6v voltage: current 80ma, speed about 200 rev/min, torque about 1.1KGf.cm
  • Unloads current: ≤200mA @ 6V, ≤150mA @ 3V
    Unloads speed: 200 ± 10%RPM @ 6V, 90 ± 10%RPM @ 3V