Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy Science Kit lets students explore many different types of renewable energy such as wind, solar, fuel cells, and more!

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  • Sale! Solar panel 1 watt 5 volt

    Solar panel 1 watt 5 volt

     700.00  600.00
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  • Sale!

    Wind turbine kit

     5,000.00  4,500.00
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  • mini wind turbine

    windmill kit for kids

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  • Sale!

    Hand Made a Wind Turbine Kit | School Science Project

     1,500.00  1,300.00
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  • Sale! wind mill

    Science Exhibition Project Water Pump Powered by Windmill

     5,000.00  4,800.00
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  • science Exhibition project Solar Powered Car in Pakistan

    Solar Powered Car

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  • Sale! solar fan

    Science Project Kit Solar Fan

     1,500.00  1,400.00
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  • vertical axis wind turbine

    Science Project Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

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  • Solar Car

    Solar Car

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