Hemodialysis Kit Working model of Science Fair

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Buy online Biology Model of the Working Model of HEMODIALYSIS in Pakistan, This model is perfect for Biology Teachers to use in their classrooms. It is a working model of a HEMODIALYSIS project kit.

ScienceStore.pk offers Lego Life Science Lab, an admirable STEM kit that improves your child’s understanding of biology and the human body. With this STEM toy, he gets to build his own life-sized human anatomy model and learn further about the inner workings of his own body.

The running water shows the process by pressing the key given. Working parts of the model are pre-fabricated on the base in the duly working state, This is to ensure the safe delivery of the parcel. This is a handmade complete working model Hemodialysis supported by rough study material to make a suitable projects report by the student.

It is using Cardboard, Paper, Electronic-Electrical Components, Mechanical & Scientific goods as per the requirement of a particular model.

Hemodialysis Kit Working model

Hemodialysis Kit Working model

Size 12X18


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