Inventor STEM Box 2.0: Grade 8 Exploration Edition


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ScienceStore.pk Introducing the Inventor STEM Box 2.0: Grade 8 Exploration Edition. Ignite curiosity and amplify essential skills with hands-on projects spanning life sciences, physical sciences, and more—order now for an immersive learning experience.

Introducing the Inventor STEM Box 2.0: Grade 8 Exploration Edition – the next chapter in experiential learning for young innovators. Building upon the success of our previous kit, this edition is specially curated to engage and inspire Grade 8 students on a journey of discovery.

🔬 Ignite Curiosity: Designed to foster a culture of hands-on learning, the Grade 8 Exploration Edition is packed with projects that stimulate curiosity and creativity.

🌟 Skills Amplified: Our kit is meticulously crafted to boost essential skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and technical know-how, setting young minds on a path of growth and innovation.

🌎 Unveil the Wonders: Delve into diverse realms of science and exploration with projects spanning life sciences, physical sciences, earth science, astronomy, and chemistry.

S. No.SectionProject’s name
1Life sciencesWorking model of heart
2Physical SciencesProjector
3Earth ScienceEarthquake Detector
4AstronomyModeling Solar and Lunar Eclipse
5ChemistryHydrogen Generator

🚀 Empower through Projects:

Working Model of Heart and Circulatory System

Working Model of Heart:

Gain insights into the human cardiovascular system by crafting a functional heart model. Understand the incredible journey of blood through its chambers and valves.


Uncover the magic of optics and projection. Assemble a projector from scratch and grasp the principles of light manipulation.

DIY Projector Kit

Earthquake Detector:

Explore the science behind seismic events and construct your own earthquake detector. Delve into the Earth’s movements and seismic waves.

Modeling Solar and Lunar Eclipse:

Embark on an astronomical adventure as you create accurate models of captivating solar and lunar eclipses. Learn about celestial geometry and alignment.

eclipse model project kit

Hydrogen Generator:

Dive into the world of chemical reactions with an electrolysis apparatus. Produce hydrogen gas and discover the fascinating energy transformations within.

🔧 Everything You Need: The kit includes all necessary components and detailed instructions to ensure a seamless and enriching learning experience.

🌱 Nurturing Young Inventors: The Grade 8 Exploration Edition aims to instill a lifelong passion for learning, innovation, and exploration in aspiring young inventors.

Unveil the realm of possibilities with the Inventor STEM Box 2.0: Grade 8 Exploration Edition – where exploration meets innovation and learning knows no bounds.

  • Made in Pakistan
  • Most of the parts are degradable and environment friendly.
  • Cost-Effective
  • R&D by team Pakistan Science Club