Magnet Essentials Kit

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Magnet Essentials Set for kids +8 buy online in Pakistan. The engaging magnet kit comes with the magnets & supplies you need to experiment with magnetism; it can be used for independent experiments, paired with your curriculum

Experimenting with magnetic force is an excellent way for educators to engage school students and homeschool kids and teach them about science – and this bestseller has all of the magnets and supplies you need to begin exploring. It makes for an excellent first magnet kit!

This magnet set contains a great variety of items that can be used to supplement the Pakistan curriculum, to create your very own science projects and fun experiments, and more. The possibilities are endless!

This engaging magnet kit includes:

  • a horseshoe magnet
  • ring magnets
  • bar magnets
  • super-strong neodymium magnets
  • iron filings
  • a compass
  • paper clips
  • different nails for testing/magnetizing
  • magnetic marbles

Instructions aren’t included with this magnet kit, but we do offer some free magnet science projects to help you get started!