Periscope Kit For Kids – Make Your Own Periscopes


The periscope kit for kids periscopes,  14 x 1.25 x 1.25 inches, when assembled.  Included are: instructions, 1-part periscope, 2 mirrors 

 The homemade periscope is great for imaginative play; it lets you see what’s around the corner, over walls, or above a play submarine.

 The surface of the periscope is easy to decorate with the included colorful stickers or any other craft supplies you have on hand.  Let kids’ imaginations run wild!  The periscope kit for kids is made from sturdy corrugated cardboard.  The durable design ensures that when the kids build their periscope it will not bend or break easily. Use the periscopes in school or at home to teach youngsters about mirrors, reflections, submarines, history, spies, and much more!  kids will love the hands-on learning approach!

This kit is also part of Be A Maker STEM Kit 2.0

Be A Maker STEM Kit 2.0

Be A Maker STEM Kit 2.0

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