Room Heater Kit


Room Heater Kit, Handmade Room Heater

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Room Heater Kit


  • Buy an online DIY Room Heater Kit in Pakistan.
  • An amazing hands-on project to warm yourself in winters.
  • Learn about different forms of energy.
  • Explore the conversion of energy into heat.
  • Working project model.
  • Relates to the topics of energy and heat interchange from Grade 5th – 8th.
  • For children 6+ with adult help.

This kit is also part of STEM Kit 4.0, Be a Maker

How To Make Room Air Heater – DIY Science Projects (paksc.org)

Room Air Heater

Room Air heater is a must to do winter project to keep your room warm enough with minimum energy and low-cost equipment, young makers will learn the making of the heater with their parents. The participants will get to know about the topics of Energy conversion, Laws of energy with their real-life conceptual applications.


  • Build a model that converts electrical energy to thermal energy.
  • Explain that energy is not created or destroyed, but rather converted from one form to another.
  • Demonstrate the concept of air heater
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