Rubber Band Powered Helicopter Classroom Pack


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(10 kits for Rs 1500) The project focus is to create an understanding of the basic aerodynamics, energy, its types, and its conversion from one form to another form. What is Rubberband powered helicopter? An exciting worth learning activity to teach children about energy, its types, and conversion to different forms, in addition, it also explains the basic aerodynamic structure and its fundamental principles.

  • Buy online Rubber band powered Helicopter Classroom pack in Pakistan.
  • Understand Energy and its types.
  • Explore interesting facts about elastic potential energy.
  • Learn about basic aerodynamics
  • Working project model.
  • Hands on skill development.
  • Best suited for Classroom activity.
  • Focus on the energy conversion and fundamentals of aerodynamic structure from Grade 6th – 10th.
  • For children 9+