Top 8 Science Projects that Kids can do at home

Top 8 Science Projects that Kids can do at home

Pakistan Science club conducted 4 online winter maker camps in December to January. More of the 150 families participated in these online maker camps. The feedback of parents and kids was great, In this winter camp, they made 8 science and engineering projects with the help of STEM Kit 4.0, Be a Maker.

Please note: for making of these project you need hot glue gun, scissors, nose plier these things are not included in TEM Kit 4.0 you can buy from > Buy online Toolbox kit for DIY Science Projects

The kit consists of 8 projects material projects are Solar water geyser, Air heater,  Solar bug, Elastic coaster, Microscope, Bug Catcher, Cool Chemistry, Conductive Bracelets

Project # 1 Solar water geyser

Solar water geyser

It’s an exciting hands-on activity to learn about renewable and solar energy, the kids will learn how they can use sunlight to make an environment-friendly water geyser with no energy consumption. Start Making

Project # 2 Room heater

Room/Air heater is a must to do winter project to keep your room warm enough with minimum energy and low-cost equipment, young makers will learn the making of the heater with their parents. Start Making

Project # 3 Solar bug

Make Solar bug

The solar bug is an exciting fun learning activity to construct a moving insect that powers up using solar energy. Start Making

Project # 4 Elastic coaster

An action-based hands-on project to learn about elastic potential energy, how can it be used in performing tasks, and how energy is converted from one form into another. Start Making

Project # 5 Microscope

In doing the project of making a personalized microscope, children will learn about basic optical instruments, their importance, and applications in everyday life. Start Making

Project # 6 Insect Pooter

Observing the morphology and movements of bugs is an interesting activity that helps kids to explore nature and its wonderful creations. Start Making

Project # 7 Make a Slime

An hour to explore fun learnings of the chemistry from finding acidic or basic medium to solve the chemical mysteries of different magical tricks. Start Making

Project # 8 Conductive Bracelet

An impressive hands-on experiment to learn about electronics fundamentals and turn them into wearable non-sew luminating bracelets. Start Making

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