12 volt solenoid actuator, Push pull solenoid buy in Karachi

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12 volt solenoid actuator mainly used in vending machines, transport equipment, office facility household appliance, mechanical, etc. It can also used in DIY solenoid engine project for students. Its doing work through pulling in plunger joined object.

12-volt solenoid actuator, Push-pull solenoid to buy in Karachi

12-volt solenoid actuator: A Linear Solenoid or solenoid actuator is an electromagnetic device that converts electrical energy into a mechanical pushing or pulling force or motion.

Run the solenoid actuator operate on 12  V DC for the maximum pull. We recommend performing the switching with a relay or MOSFET.

DC Solenoid Electromagnet

Rated Voltage: DC 12V

Type: Push-Pull


  • A solenoid is an essential coil of wire that is used in electromagnets, antennas, valves, etc. The application of a solenoid differs in numerous types like medical, locking systems, industrial use, the bottom line and Automotive Solenoid Applications.
  • A solenoid actuator is used to control a valve electrically, for example, the solenoid core is used to apply mechanical force to the valve.
  • These can also used in particular types of door locking systems, which use an electromagnet and offer a very secure closure.

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