5mm Cube Neodymium Magnet Super Strong

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Small cube shapes Neodymium Magnet 5 mm super strong NdFeB Magnet available in Karachi, Pakistan.

5mm Cube Neodymium Magnet:

5mm Cube Neodymium Magnet super strong are small rare earth magnets – 0.25″ cubed. Composed of Neodymium/Iron/Boron (NdFeB), these magnets are curiously strong and make a great way to attach tools to a metal workbench, hold small children to a fridge, and act as a trigger for reed switches.

  • Activates the reed switch at a distance of about 3cm. and many other applications.
  • Max Working Temperature: 80°C/176°F
  • Tolerance: Approx 0-0.1mm
  • Plating: Nickel + Copper + Nickel Triple Layer Plated


  1. The neodymium magnet is extremely powerful, pls take care of your fingers or other body parts to avoid injured between 2 pieces of the big magnet;
  2. Neodymium magnet is very fragile & is easily damaged, pls handle it gently
  3. The max operating temperature is 80°C/176°F.

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