Caster Wheel

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caster wheel for line follower robot available in Karachi, and deliver to all over Pakistan. Caster wheel is used in different science projects like the robotic kit, obstacle avoiding car and etc

This Caster Wheel for line follower robot is a must when you are building your own robot, a line follower! An important component to keep your robot moving, particularly mounted as a front wheel in a chassis.

Here you can buy the Caster Wheel for line follower robot in Pakistan.

Caster wheels are famous among students in India and worldwide to make line follower robots. If you want to buy online in India the Caster Wheel you came at the right place, i.e., Circuit Uncle – Home for IoT, robotics, and embedded electronics components. Some features of this wheel:

  • Usage-Home/Hobby Project
  • Mechanical Component
  • Make your bot Turnable in any direction
  • Mountable on a standard bot chassis
  • High quality
  • Long life
  • Smooth operation
  • The wheel automatically aligns itself to the direction of travel, thus used in line follower robots
  • This caster wheel is a spherical wheel that can move omnidirectional and is constructed with a spherical ball mounted inside a PVC fixture

Caster wheel could be used in our two chassis: 3 wheel chassis (for line follower bots) and a 5 wheel chassis (for heavy-duty bots or could be used to build line follower bots), both with front-wheel caster wheel mounts. This caster wheel has multiple holes or perforations over the circumference that could be used to mount it over the chassis, through screws or nuts and bolts

This is a metal ball caster, a metal ball can load a max of 20kg. The total height of this ball caster is 20mm. You can also adjust the height by adding the spacers. The mount hole’s diameter is 4 mm.


Length: 48mm
Width: 32mm
Height: 20mm
Max load: 20kg