Clap Switch Physics Science Working Model Educational Electronic Hobby Kit

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Clap Switch Physics Science Working Model Educational Electronic Hobby Kit available at ScienceStore.pk

Working of Clap Switch kit.

In this clap switch, circuit clap is acting as a pulse for the flip-flop circuit. For example, suppose initially output is high (i.e. on the state), when the clap sound is generated output becomes 0 and the equipment connected to the output of the clap switch circuit will be in an off state. Thus by generating a clap sound, the output get reversed. The output of flip-flop circuit is unable to drive the relay circuit. Therefore we have to use an amplifier for amplifying the current. To overcome this problem we have used a current amplifier by using a transistor Q4 in common emitter mode. Thus the output of this current amplifier is sufficient to operate the electromagnetic relay which is used to connect the electrical equipment to the clap switch circuit.

A clap is sufficient to switch ‘on/off’ light. Benefited for handicapped persons; 6V (DC) application of bistable multivibrator. This is a handmade complete working model supported by rough study material to make a suitable projects report by the student. Electronic-Electrical Components, Mechanical & Scientific goods as per the requirement of a particular model. Includes Project report. Transistor-based circuit

Clap switch/voice activated switch designed around Micro-controller. This project is free from false triggering. To turn on/off any appliance, you just have to clap twice. The sound of clap received by microphone, microphone changes the sound wave in to electrical wave which is further amplify by transistor. The Micro-controller act as mono stable multi-vibrator which changes the state of output relay on every two claps.• Supply input 5 VDC, 60 mA• Onboard preset for sensitivity adjust• Onboard LED for relay On/Off state• Onboard electret condenser microphone• Relay output rated 5-7A, 230 VAC , 24V AC/DC 7Amps• Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each• PCB dimensions 63mm X 21 mm• This is Do it your Self kit required soldering (DIY)• Kit contains components, PCB and Circuit Diagram