Electro Magnet kit Classroom Pack


(2500 Rs for 10 Kits in one Pack) In an Electromagnet Classroom Pack, you will make an electromagnet and learn how the strength of its magnetic field changes with its design. Hands-on educational activities at home and in the classroom keep kids engaged and entertained while they learn. This kit is also included in Little Scientist STEM Kit 1.0

Electro Magnet kit Classroom Pack

An electromagnet is a type of magnet. A simple Electromagnet consisting of copper wire will be wrapped around an iron nail. When you turn on the switch. Electromagnets work like permanent magnets. If you turn off the switch, their magnetic properties disappear.

Material List

  1. Nail
  2. Switch (1)
  3. AA Battery (1)
  4. AA Battery holder(1)
  5. Copper wire (10 meters)
  6. Electric tape (1)

This kit is also included in Little Scientist STEM Kit 1.0