Hand Made Wind Turbine Kit | School Science Project

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Weight500 g
Dimensions30 × 20 × 8 cm

Simple Wind Turbine Unassembled kit, Handmade Wind Turbine Assembled kit

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New Year Sale


Buy online Handmade a Wind Turbine Kit in Pakistan. Best demonstrator project about renewable energy conversion and generating electricity from wind energy for classroom or science fair/exhibition buy this wind turbine & discover how it works with this science-fair-friendly kit.  

Hand-made a Wind Turbine Kit & | School Project for kids in Primary, middle, and high school.

This set is ideal for developing a science fair experiment or school project and for exploring just for fun! You’ll get to build your own model wind turbine, investigate how it works, and see it create and store power.

Here are just some of what you can do with this wind turbine kit: harness energy to make a colored light glow or motor spin; work with generators & electrical circuits; plus find out how a super-capacitor stores wind energy like a battery. Then design and test your own wind turbine blades using the materials included in the kit.

Wind Turbine Dimension, 8inch by 2.5inch

Note: Product designed by  Pakistan Science Club (Pakistan Science Club inspires a lifelong interest in science, math, and technology by engaging diverse communities through interactive and innovative programs)

Wind Turbine Unassembled kit
Wind Turbine Unassembled kit (Paper Manual available) you can also order this one Buy online DIY Wind Turbine Kit | School Science Project kit (sciencestore.pk)

What’s included in the kit?

Handmade Windmill kit

  1. 4x Round sticks
  2. 20x Popsicle stick
  3. Paper cup
  4. DC generator 7-volt
  5. Wire
  6. Led’s
  7. No instructional manual

Buy Wind Turbine Unassembled kit

What are the experiments?

  1. Simple Motor – show how a wind turbine works
  2. Simple Generator to generate electricity & light an LED
  3. Motor & Generator – use wind energy from one motor to power another
  4. How Much Power? – measure power output (voltage & amperage)
  5. Using Potential Energy – charge a capacitor & use it to power a motor
  6. Series & Parallel Circuits – study circuits & light up to 3 LEDs
  7. Double the Power? – connect two motors to the LEDs

What concepts are covered?

  • What Wind Turbines Are
  • How Wind Power Works
  • Motors & Generators
  • Practical Energy
  • Further, Study Ideas

Looking for a wind turbine science fair experiment kit? Read the experiment suggestions below.

Science Fair Project Ideas:

  • How much wind energy can you store using the capacitor?
  • Measure the volts and amps using the multimeter.
  • How much power can your turbine produce while outside on a windy day? Enough to light up an LED?
  • Curious about renewable energy? Connect a solar cell in series or parallel circuit with the wind turbine. How much power is generated?

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