Rubber Band Guitar


Have you ever wanted to create music but don’t have a musical instrument on hand? No problem! With just a rubber band and some basic supplies, you can make your own rubber band guitar in no time. This project is simple, affordable, and perfect for all ages. Here is the free Downloadable/Printable guide(PDF) to making a Rubber band guitar.


The rubber band guitar is a fun and educational DIY project combining science and music. This project is perfect for kids and adults of all ages and requires no prior musical experience. By making your own rubber band guitar, you will learn about the science behind sound and vibration and how different instruments produce different notes.

  • Type: Downloadable/Printable activities and experiments (PDF)
  • Category: E-Book
  • Price: Free
  • Download: Available all over the world.
  • STEAM Activity
  • Low Cost/ No Cost
  • Recycled Material