Rubber Powered Car Kit


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Explore energy conversion and vehicle design with our Rubber Powered Car STEM Kit. Engaging, educational, and fun, this kit from ScienceStore.pk empowers students to build their own cars while learning about different energy forms. A step-by-step manual ensures a seamless learning experience, making science and engineering accessible and exciting.”

Unlock a world of learning opportunities with this comprehensive kit that enables students to explore energy and its conversion in a hands-on, engaging way. Our specially designed STEM kit from ScienceStore.pk provides everything needed to create their very own rubber-powered cars.

Key Features:

1. Energy Exploration: Dive into the fascinating realm of energy as students discover various types and how they can be transformed from one form to another.

2. Vehicle Design: Learn the fundamentals of vehicle design as you assemble and customize your rubber-powered car, gaining insights into how components work together.

3. Practical Application: Experience the thrill of seeing scientific principles in action as the elastic potential energy of the rubber band propels the car forward.

4. Step-by-Step Manual: Our manual guides students through the construction process, promoting independent learning and problem-solving skills.

5. STEM Education: Foster a passion for STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) by offering a hands-on, interactive learning experience.

This Rubber Powered Car STEM Kit is not just a product; it’s an educational adventure that makes science and engineering accessible, fun, and unforgettable. Get ready to rev up your understanding of energy and vehicle design with this exciting product from ScienceStore.pk!