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Buy Wireless Power Transfer/Transmission Science Model Kit in Pakistan. Complete Assembled & Tested Working Science Model Kit with 100% Output Guarantee. PN2222 Based Wireless Power Transfer/Transmission Circuit Science Model Kit | On Board Primary & Secondary Coil


The project is a fully assembled and working model. The Science Model is designed on White Paper which is labeled neatly on a Plywood Base. This Model includes a Primary Coil with a certain number of Turns which is connected to an amplifier transistor PN2222. The current is amplifier and is sent through the Primary Coil wirelessly. It is an interesting Science fair project

On the other hand, Secondary Coil is connected to a LED in series. The power sent wirelessly via Primary Coil is passed on to Secondary Coil which will turn on LED without any physical connection with the Battery Power. The model emphasis on the importance of Wireless Power Transmission for the Modern World

Project Features

  • Fully Assembled & Working Model
  • Circuit Chart Labeled on a Strong Wooden Base
  • Switch on/off control onboard
  • Wireless Transmission Primary & Secondary Coils
  • PN2222 Transistor Circuitry
  • Battery Included
  • Includes Storage Box & Project Document

THE SCIENCE MODEL KITS DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY LOGO OR TRADEMARK, Hence can easily be used for school/college project purposes

In case of any queries feel free to contact us at our WhatsApp number 03410216150

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  1. Ashar Ammar (verified owner)

    quality needs to improve. No description was given.

    • Science Store PK

      noted, we will try our best

  2. muhammadsalmansarwarwattoo

    Please provide the YouTube video link, so we can know how it actually works.. Thanks you..

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