SV405CC Cooled Color Camera for Deep Space Astrophotography

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Explore the cosmos with the SV405CC Cooled Color Camera, perfect for deep space astrophotography. Now available in Pakistan at ScienceStore.pk. This advanced camera features an 11.7 MP CMOS sensor, AR coating, and a cooling system for impeccable image quality. Compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Chrome OS, it’s a versatile tool for astronomers and astrophotographers. Elevate your stargazing experience – order the SV405CC today from ScienceStore.pk in Pakistan!

SV405CC Cooled Color Camera for Deep Space Astrophotography IMX294,  This SV405CC 11.7 MP CMOS color deep sky camera is designed with AR coating, it is a cooled telescope Camera for astrophotography, compatible with Windows Linux Mac OS Chrome OS.

The SV405CC Cooled Color Camera is a cutting-edge piece of equipment specifically tailored for deep space astrophotography enthusiasts. With its impressive 11.7 MP CMOS sensor and advanced features, it offers astronomers and astrophotographers the ability to capture stunning, high-resolution images of celestial objects.

Key Features:

1. 11.7 MP CMOS Sensor. This high-resolution sensor is optimized for capturing detailed images of deep space objects. The large pixel count allows for fine detail to be captured, making it ideal for astrophotography.

2. AR Coating The camera’s AR (Anti-Reflective) coating helps reduce reflections and glare, ensuring that as much light as possible reaches the sensor. This is crucial for capturing clear and crisp images, especially in low light conditions.

3. Cooled Design: One of the standout features of the SV405CC is its cooling system. The camera is equipped with a built-in cooling mechanism that helps reduce sensor noise caused by heat during long exposure times. This allows for cleaner, more detailed images, as noise is a common challenge in astrophotography.

4. Telescope Compatibility. The SV405CC is designed to be seamlessly integrated with telescopes, making it an excellent choice for astrophotographers who want to explore deep space objects. It can be easily attached to a variety of telescope models for a wide range of applications.

5. Multi-Platform Compatibility: The camera is versatile in terms of compatibility with operating systems. It works with Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Chrome OS, offering flexibility to astrophotographers who use different platforms for their imaging and processing needs.

6. Deep Space Imaging Capabilities: With its high resolution and cooling system, the SV405CC excels at capturing deep space objects such as galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters. This makes it an invaluable tool for those interested in exploring the far reaches of the universe.

7. Long Exposure Capabilities: The camera supports long exposure times, allowing for the capture of faint and distant objects. This is essential for astrophotographers aiming to reveal details that would be otherwise imperceptible.

8. User-Friendly Software: The camera is typically bundled with user-friendly software that facilitates image acquisition and processing. This simplifies the workflow for astrophotographers, enabling them to focus more on capturing incredible celestial images.

The SV405CC Cooled Color Camera is a powerful tool for astrophotographers seeking to delve into the depths of space. Its high-resolution sensor, cooling system, and compatibility with various platforms make it a versatile and effective choice for capturing breathtaking images of celestial objects. Whether you’re a seasoned astrophotographer or just starting out, this camera offers the features and performance needed to take your deep space imaging to the next level.

  • Image Resolution:4144*2822
  • Total Pixels:11.7 megapixel
  • Pixel Size:4.63μm
  • Target Size: 19.2mm*13mm
  • Diagonal:23.2mm
  • Maximum Frame Rate:19FPS
  • Shutter Type: Rolling Shutter
  • USB Type: Type-B USB 3.0
  • DDRIII Buffer:DDR3 256M
  • Exposure:0.05ms-2000s
  • Readout Noise:1.2e
  • QE Peak:75%
  • Full Well:63ke
  • ADC:14bit
  • Temperature Display: Display on software
  • Cooling System: TEC Semiconductor 2-Stage Refrigeration
  • Digital Noise Reduction: Support
  • ROI Any Resolution: Supported
  • Pixel Binning:BIN1,BIN2,BIN3,BIN4
  • Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Raspberry Pi, Chrome OS
  • Protective Window Optical Glass: AR Coating
  • Camera Interface Specifications:2″ / 1.25″ / M42X0.75
  • Back Focus Distance:6.5mm
  • Working Current:<300MA
  • Stand-by Current:<30MA

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