DIY Telescope Kit 2.0

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DIY Telescope Kit 2.0 is best for young astronomers, Students grade 5 to 10. DIY Telescope Kit 2.0 paper manual is included.  With this DIY Telescope Kit 2.0 you can see the craters of moon. Astronomical Telescope kit best learning Toy Kit For Children.


Refractor Powerful Astronomical Telescope Kids Toy Kit For Children

Use this DIY telescope kit to explore the science of some of the earliest telescopes! Build a single, simple refracting telescope & study the  different aspects of basic astronomical viewing

Material PVC
Focal Length 700 mm
Aperture 55 mm
Country of Origin Made in Pakistan
Eyepiece  40 mm, H6 mm Two Eyepieces
Oblique Mirror 90 Degree
Usage Science fair/exhibition / Home/ Gift
Mount Tracking Manual
Tripod Stand  3 fit included

Have you ever wondered how to make a telescope? This hands-on DIY telescope kit includes the components needed to build a single, simple refracting telescope! It also comes with a detailed video to learn different aspects of basic astronomical viewing.

What exactly is a refracting telescope?

A refracting telescope (first invented in the Netherlands in 1608 by Hans Lippershey) is a telescope that uses a converging lens to collect light. In other words, it uses two lenses to focus the light and make an object look much closer than it actually is.

Learn more about refracting telescopes with this engaging, kid-friendly telescope kit. With it and the included telescope viewing guide video link, kids as young as 8 years old can build and piece together their very own DIY telescope, while also learning a little about how Galileo (and other historic astronomers) used them to gaze up into the night sky.

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Kid love the DIY Telescope Kit 2.0

Kid love the DIY Telescope Kit 2.0

Kid love the DIY Telescope Kit 2.0

Kid love the DIY Telescope Kit 2.0

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  1. Zagham N. (verified owner)

    very supportive and kind people. product is good for children. they enjoyed building it.

    • Science Store PK (store manager)

      Thank you so much for your feedback.

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