Telescope Secondary Mirror for Astronomical Telescope


Elliptical Secondary Mirror for Astronomical Telescope Mirror Glass Material For Diy Newtonian Reflection Monocular Astronomy Telescope available on Pakistan Science Club’s sciencestore.pk . Short diameter  40mm lens, suitable for   D150 F750mm focal length reflection telescope.

PakSC has made Dobsonian telescopes sold under various labels.  We are now pleased to offer Reflective Telescope Secondary Mirror in the Pakistan market.

These elliptical flat mirrors have the same high quality as their parabolic primary mirrors. Made from optical grade BK-7 glass, all mirrors have a reflective aluminum coating with a reflectivity of approximately 92-93%. The aluminum coating is protected by silicon oxide (SiO2) over-coating.

Besides elliptical secondary flats, we also offer matching parabolic primary mirrors, mirror, and eyepieces (all sold separately).


  • Minor axis diameter: 88mm
  • Approx. major axis diameter: 70mm
  • Approx. thickness: 20mm
  • Weight: 30g


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