Newtonian Reflector Astronomical Telescope Mirror


Astronomical telescope mirror available in Pakistan. Newtonian reflecting telescope Objective lens Primary Mirror  D=150mm focal length 750mm available in Pakistan Limited stock available Best for DIY Astronomical Telescope.

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Diameter: 150mm
Focal length: 750mm
D150 F750 reflector lens mirror, aluminum, and the protective film is a great choice for DIY telescope enthusiasts
Parabolic Astronomical Telescope Mirrors are polished and figured to yield high-level performance. Each mirror is aluminized and hard overcoated with a protective overcoat, ready for placement in the telescope tube. All mirror surfaces are free of any defects which affect performance.
astronomical telescope mirror

astronomical telescope mirror

astronomical telescope mirror

astronomical telescope mirror

How to Make a Telescope. Build 6 Inch Newtonian Reflector Telescope at home to see planets (Urdu)

Video: Pakistan Science Club youtube channel @pakscienceclub

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