Electric Walking Robot Kit


Electric Walking Robotic Kit For Kids DIY educational science kit physics experiments toy project. This set is ideal for developing a science fair experiment or school project.

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  • Warning: not suitable under 3 years old
  • Age Range: 5-7 Years
  • Age Range: 8~13 Years
  • Theme: Sports

Material: ABS plastic


Suitable age: over 6 years old

Product function:

  • 1.develop kid’s creativity
  • 2.cultivate kid’s manipulative ability
  • 3.improve science knowledge
  • 4.motivate kid’s interest and intellectual passion.

Working principle:

The voice control switch is to use the sound effect trigger switch. Switch the power and electricity supply would be cut off automatically after  5 seconds. It can give children a better understanding of the principles of sound control.

Play tutorial:

First, turn on the switch and get close to the robot to clap or shout. The robot’s voice control switch is triggered and will move forward for 5 seconds. Clap again, the robot will move on for another 5 seconds and then stop again.