Slokey 50080 SkyWays Astronomical Telescope

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Telescope for Astronomy for Adult Beginners – Profesional, Portable and Powerful 20x-250x – Easy to Mount and Use – Astronomical Telescope for Moon, Planets and Stargazing 

Astronomical Telescope SkyWays 50080 – Portable and Powerful 20x-250x for Adult Beginners

  • Slokey Astronomical Telescope ensures you exceptional quality and durability giving you years of enjoyment
  • Tested by thousands of satisfied customers, YOU are guaranteed to love them
  • Perfect for astronomical observation of Planets, Galaxies, and Nebulae… as well as for earth observation… SUPER POWERFUL for observing every detail of the deep sky with a rugged and stable tripod for steady, adjustable viewing so you can sit while using your telescope…
  • You will get incredible clarity and luminosity with sharp and brilliant images thanks to its excellent optics.
  • You will also get a SUPER powerful telescope lens with a professional design, robust, stable, and easy to mount… so you can have a clear vision of the Moon, Planets, and Galaxies… Easy to use even for beginners… It will be the perfect gift for any adult beginner or amateur…
  •  You will get 2 eyepieces of 25 mm, 10 mm that will provide incredible views of celestial objects during the night and terrestrial objects during the day… You will also get a 3x Barlow lens that will give you 3 times more magnification… Offering adjustable power of 20x, 50x, 83x, 150x and 250x to adapt to any situation… Get it Today… Take advantage of this offer
  • You will get Clear and Detailed Images of Saturn’s Rings, Jupiter’s Moons, Andromeda’s Galaxy, Orion’s Nebula, the Pleiades and much more… You will get a professional tripod made of stainless steel, robust and portable, super easy to set up and use even for a beginner… Get your IDEAL telescope today… 9 out of 10 people who have tried it would recommend it.


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