DIY Art Bot Kit for Kids

Weight100 g
Dimensions10 × 5 × 5 cm

Buy online DIY Art Bot from ScienceStore.pk Building your own bots is also fantastic for developing FINE MOTOR SKILLS.  Stripping wires, inserting batteries or attaching small parts requires concentration and nimble fingers!

DIY Art Bot kit for Kids in Pakistan

DIY Art Bot kit for Kids in Pakistan: Build your robot and watch it create unique artwork as the vibrations from the motor make your robot walk.  Instructions included.  For 8 years plus. Colors will vary. Kit takes approximately 20  minutes to prepare and construct.

Do you like drawing or painting? What if you could build a robot that creates its own art? In this project, you will create your own Art Bot, a robot with markers for “legs” that wobbles across a piece of paper, creating drawings as it moves. You can then customize your robot to change how it draws.

This is a beginner-level project with no robotics experience necessary, so if you want to try building your own robot, this is a great place to start. The Art Bot uses a small electric motor to move. In order to power the motor, the robot also needs a battery. When you connect the battery to the motor, you complete an electrical circuit, and this allows the motor to spin.


Art Bot Dimension 5inches by 10inches


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