DIY Astronomical Telescope Kit

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The telescope is an interesting hands-on project that helps students to learn about the lens and its working with daily life applications. Use this DIY telescope kit to explore the science of some of the earliest telescopes!


Use this DIY Astronomical Telescope Kit to explore the science of some of the earliest telescopes! Build a single, simple refracting telescope & study different aspects of basic astronomical viewing.

The refracting telescopes used centuries ago had much poorer clarity and precision compared to today’s high-tech telescopes. Despite this, historic astronomers used these ancient telescopes to make amazing advances in our understanding of the universe.


Kids loves telescope

Kids love telescope

  • Buy online DIY Astronomical Telescope Kit in Pakistan
  • Explore stars and sky.
  • Learn about light and optics.
  • Understand Lens, its properties, and working principle.
  • Working project model.
  • Hands-on skill development for young kids.
  • Relates to the topics of Light, Optics, and optical instruments from Grade 6th – 10th.
  • Recommended  for children 9+

Kit included

Note: Tripod stand isn’t included in this kit

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Video Tutorial of  DIY Telescope

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  1. Science Store PK

    Dear Musawir Soomro blurry image is depending on the adjustment of the eyepiece and objective lens distance. you have to carefully adjust according to its focal length

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