Handmade Astronomical Telescope

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Weight700 g
Dimensions30 × 20 × 8 cm

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Buy DIY Astronomical Telescope in Pakistan. This is a handmade telescope best for Astronomy hobbyists. The focal length of 50 mm. Magnification power is 20x so moon Craters can be seen.

Children love looking up at the stars and imagining distant galaxies, but with just your eyes, you can only see so much. Handmade Astronomical Telescope for kids can help them explore stars and planets, stimulating both their imagination and STEM skills.

Older children tend to be more responsible and intrigued by the science behind looking at space. For those who fit this bill, the Handmade Astronomical Telescope is an excellent, high-power telescope designed to give kids a broad overview of the galaxy which surrounds them. It is a 30/60 telescope with a focal length of 50 mm. Magnification power is 20x so moon Craters can be seen.

The history of the telescope can be traced to before the invention of the earliest known telescope, which appeared in 1608 in the Netherlands when a patent was submitted by Hans Lippershey, an eyeglass maker. Although Lippershey did not receive his patent, news of the invention soon spread across Europe.


  • Convex lens (D: 7.5cm, F: 50cm)
  • Eye Piece lens (D: 2.2cm, F: 3.5cm)
  • Body: PVC pipe
  • Magnification power: 20x
  • Moon Craters can be seen
  • Image view: upside down

Note: Tripod stand isn’t included in this kit

handmade telescope parts

handmade telescope parts

Powerful handmade telescope in Karachi

Powerful handmade telescope in Karachi

Make your own DIY Handmade Astronomical Telescope




DIY Astronomical Telescope Kit 2.0

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    its good but not best because its focus

  2. Science Store PK

    Thank you Israr ahmed khan we are working on its improvement
    thank you again for your valuable feedback.

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