DIY Tesla Coil Kit, Mini Tesla Tower.

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DIY Tesla Coil Kit, Mini Tesla Module Kit For Experiments and science project available in Pakistan. This Tesla kit is easy to build. making it ideal for budding coilers who are seeking a first coil, students looking for an eye-catching science fair project, or the casual electronics enthusiast looking for an exciting new gadget to build.This coil will wirelessly light up flash frequency tube, neon also serves as a learning experience about circuits, electricity, and science itself.



  • High efficiency, beautiful, is a new design. The Tesla coil is very safe, no electricity, no arc, only light.
  • Can be used for student experiments, course design, etc.
  • The frame adopts PVC material of high strength and good durability.
  •  Application field Alternating current (ac) system, radio system, wireless transmission, ball lightning, turbines, magnifying transmitters, particle beam weapon, solar engine, X-ray equipment, electric energy meter, missile science, remote sensing technology, craft, cosmic rays, radar system, a robot
  • Can be used as a boy’s or girl’s birthday gift, improve hands-on ability, learn physics knowledge, understand the charm of science
  • Modern electronic fans according to the principle of the nature of the tesla coil, the invention of the lightning manufacturing equipment with low noise, high efficiency, long life characteristics. Application field
  • 9V input voltage to generate an arc about 2mm.
  • Tesla coil mini small package, making simple, hands-on interest in the production of the cultured brain.
  • Makes it easy for science projects and a fun hobby.
diy tesla coil tower florescent bulb testing

diy tesla coil tower florescent bulb testing

Package List

  1. 1 x MDF  Board
  2. Copper Wire
  3. 9 v battery
  4. 1 x Neon Lamp
  5. 2 x 2n22Transistor
  6. 2 x 20K Resistor
  7. 2 x 3mm LED White Blue
  8. Battery connector
  9. Mini Breadboard

Note: Energy Saver bulb (fluorescent bulb) not included in this kit

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Powerful Tesla Tower 2.0

Tesla Coil, Powerful Tesla Tower 2.0


Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 15 × 6 × 6 cm
tesla 1.0

DIY Tesla Coil kit Unassembled, DIY Tesla Coil Assembled

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  1. Ms J. (verified owner)

    nice project but difficult for young kids to make

  2. Salman N. (verified owner)

    simple and working projcet

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