Fruit Power Battery Kit

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Fruit Power Battery Kit buy online in Pakistan this Fruit Power Battery Kit to create your very own potato battery, and put different produce to the test to see which generates the most power.

With this battery science kit, elementary (Grades 4+), middle, and high school students can build and explore two different types of batteries:

  1. A saltwater battery
  2. A simple battery using potatoes

There is no better way to learn how batteries work than by building one yourself! Online Pakistan Science Club project instructions guide you through the building, so you can quickly dive into the science fun and begin learning all about batteries, voltage, electrical current, resistance, energy sources, electrical circuits, and more!

While there are many different types of batteries, all rely on a chemical reaction of some kind to generate electricity.

This Fruit Power Battery Kit is designed for DIY science projects, with:

  • reusable electronic components that allow you to conduct multiple science experiments and/or build two different kinds of batteries
  • oversized electrodes that maximize the amount of current generated by your battery, so you can easily compare results from each of your tests
  • a quality multimeter so you can get accurate measurements of the power output produced by your battery

How much power is created when the batteries are connected in series or in parallel? The possibilities are endless!

This kit is compatible with a number of different projects from PSC STEAM portal. Please see our list of projects and instructions.

Each Fruit Power kit contains:

  • 3 Copper electrodes
  • 3 Zinc electrodes
  • 6 Alligator clip leads
  • 1 Digital multimeter with test leads
  • 1 Piezoelectric buzzer
  • 3 Super-bright, high-efficiency red LED