Inventor Box

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Without instruction, kids create. Without boundaries, they grow. Without restraint, amazing things happen. That’s the thinking behind the open-ended Inventors Box. More than 60 essential components inside the kit and more than 200 items to invent something cool. Best for Birthday gift


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Inventor Box | Essential components for Kids and teens invention

We have designed this inventor box kit to provide a fun learning experience for kids and teens to invent. There are many do-it-yourself projects making material inside. The topics cover simple science experiments with electronics, optics, robotics, astronomy, etc. Inventor Box kits are serving as a science project.

Inventor box

Inventor box

The Inventor’s Box can help improve STEM/STEAM skill sets by keeping children so engaged they don’t even know they’re learning. By taking advantage of a kid’s natural interest in building toys, this kit allows them to use their imagination and inspires them to think for themselves.


31science projects

Note: Paper manual not included in the kit.

Inventor Box content

  1.  Round DC Motor
  2. Flat DC motor 5v and 7v
  3. Small motor with propeller
  4. Battery holder
  5. Gear motor
  6. White LED’s
  7. Colored LED’s
  8. Small gears
  9. Pully
  10. Objective Lens / Primary lens
  11. Small lens (Eyepiece)
  12. Magnets (ring + round)
  13. Wheels
  14. Wires
  15. Copper wires
  16. Plastic pipe
  17. Solar panel
  18. Switches
  19. Alligator clips
  20. Battery connector
  21. Buzzer
  22. 9V battery
  23. Syringes 5cc 10cc 15cc
  24. Nuts and bolts
  25. Beads
  26. Tape
  27. PC Fan
  28. Laser Light
  29. Iron Nail
  30. Yellow Tire
  31. Jumper wires
  32. Rubber bands
  33. Popsicle sticks
  34. Round Sticks
  35. Straws
  36. Double-sided tape
  37. Coin batteries
  38. Wooden Axle
  39. Marble balls
  40. PVC pipe
  41. PVC Capes
  42. Elbows
  43. PVC T
  44. 45-degree elbow
  45. Valves
  46. Nozzle
  47. DC jack socket male female
  48. USB connector
  49. Iron Axle
  50. Aluminum tap
  51. Propeller 3 blades
  52. Propeller 2 blades
  53. Breadboard
  54. Large Sticks
  55. Bottle caps
  56. Mirrors
  57. Battery Cell
  58. Glue Stick piece
  59. 4 Blades fan
  60. Paper clips

The project you can make with this Inventor Box

  1. How to make an electric motor
  2. How to make a solar car
  3. How to make an astronomical telescope
  4. How to make air propeller car | STEAM science project
  5. How to make an air pump
  6. How to make rubber band power propeller car
  7. How to make a worm robot
  8. How to Make Paddle Wheel Boat
  9. DIY Science Project: Wind Turbine Science Fair Project
  10. Build 2 stage Water bottle Rocket Step by Step with pictures

Read more 31 Science Projects you can make with Inventor Box

inventor box components

inventor box components

inventor box material

inventor box material


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