Round DC Motor and DC Generator


Buy Online Round DC Motor and Generator in Karachi. DC motors and generator low vibration, and low heat. It is used for home and office automation, motorized toys, robots, models, small electromechanical devices, Wind turbine as generator and many science fair projects.

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The diameter is 40 mm max. Connection wires are 150 mm long. Motors are also known as Solar Motors because they can operate with low current produced by most solar panels.

Main features :

Precious metal brush, 3-slot Armature, 3-bar Commutator, Plastic-insulated sheet rotors, Plastic core commutator, Stainless steel shaft, Class B winding wire, Zinc coated steel housing, Metal end cap, Rubber magnet, Oil-impregnated Bearing, and built-in varistor. Each motor has two connection wires, 15 cm long, and 5mm stripped and tinned at the ends. The shaft is 2 mm in diameter and 10 mm in length. Operates with one or two AA batteries.