Run Cycle STEAM (Downloadable)


Download Run Cycle STEAM Project To animate the stick figure, repeat the cycle. This STEAM project uses a 4-frame run cycle. Rotate the handle for surprisingly smooth animation.

Run Cycle is a STEAM project that teaches students about simple machines and gears through a hands-on printable paper manual activity. This STEM classroom activity allows students to create an animation of a character running by repeating a series of frames in a loop.

The project utilizes a 4-frame run cycle and requires students to turn a handle for a surprisingly effective animation. The printable manual provides detailed illustrations and step-by-step instructions for students to follow. This project is a fun and engaging way for students to learn about the workings of simple machines and gears.
Download this pdf.

  • Type: Downloadable and Printable activities and experiments (PDF)
  • Category: E-Book
  • Price: 200 PKR
  • Download: Available all over the world.
  • STEAM Activity
  • Low Cost/ No Cost
  • Recycled Material
  • Only guide/manual

Run Cycle STEAM Project
Run Cycle STEAM Project

Note: It’s just Downloadable and Printable activities/experiments (PDF) in just 200 rupees