Kaleidoscope Kit | Fun with Light DIY Kit

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Kaleidoscope Kit | Fun with Light DIY Kit. Little ones will explore the science behind light and reflection as they design a Kaleidoscope that will reveal vibrant colors and wondrous patterns.

The kaleidoscope consists of a tube containing mirrors and pieces of colored glass or paper, whose reflections produce changing patterns when the tube is rotated. The Kaleidoscope Kit is developed to facilitate the understanding of textbook concepts.

Kaleidoscopes may be used to create beautiful and fascinating patterns for entertainment. They may also be used in illumination systems

This kit helps in grasping the following concepts:

  •  Properties of light
  • Reflection and multiple reflections
  • Types of reflecting surfaces
  • Applications of light reflection
  • Ray diagrams and much more

This is a Do-it-yourself science kit.

While learning these concepts kids get a chance to make their own devices. This kit is suitable for ages 5 to 15. And obviously, anyone can enjoy this fun kit. So get your kaleidoscope kit and start learning by doing.

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