Science Project Vertical Axis Wind Turbine


An interesting hands-on project to learn about renewable energy and converting wind energy into electrical energy by making a new type of wind turbine.


  • Buy Online Science Project vertical axis wind turbine in Pakistan.
  • It is an exciting hands-on activity to explore different types of wind turbines, their working, and their efficiency.
  • Understand Wind energy and its significance.
  • It’s also, an excellent project to learn about the engineering design process.
  • Suitable for age 9 and above.
  • Relates to the topic of Energy, its conversion, types, and applications for grade 6th – 8th
  • Can be demonstrated and presented at Science fairs, competitions, and classroom activities.
vertical axis wind turbine side view

wind turbine side view

vertical axis wind turbine top view

VAWT  top view


Watch video Tutorial of Wind turbine at Pakistan Science Club STEAM resources  DoScience



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