Van De Graaff Generator


Van de Graaff generator is also known as particle accelerator. It uses moving belt to accumulate and transfer the charges on the hollow metal cylinder. It creates high potential difference (volts) by static charges and hence ionizes the air around. It is used to study collision experiments in physics and fun science experiments in schools activity.

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  • It’s completely hand made project.
  • Discharge Wand and Wire Included
  • Built in Humidity Control Bulb Mounted in the Base. High humidity can rob the machine of up to 80% of its output capacity.
  • Quick Connect Terminal at the Top of the Main Discharge Dome
  • Convenient Discharge Wand Storage Receptacle Built into the Base (Seen on Alternate Product Photo)
  • Complete User Guide in video tutorial


Power Source: 220V AC (3-Prong Grounded Cord)

Input Power: 30W

Motor RPM: 100

Storage Ball Diameter: 1F

Discharge Ball Diameter: 3Inc

Weight: 4KG