DIY Van De Graaff Generator

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Weight5000 g
Dimensions100 × 50 × 50 cm

Buy online handmade van de Graaff generator in Karachi, Pakistan. Van de Graaff generator is also known as a particle accelerator. It uses a moving belt to accumulate and transfer the charges on the hollow metal cylinder. It creates a high potential difference (volts) by static charges and hence ionizes the air around. It is used to study collision experiments in physics and fun science experiments in schools activity.


  • It’s a completely handmade project.
  • Discharge Wand and Wire Included
  •  High humidity can rob the machine of up to 80% of its output capacity.
  • Quick Connect Terminal at the Top of the Main Discharge Dome
  • Convenient Discharge Wand Storage Receptacle Built into the Base (Seen on Alternate Product Photo)
  • Complete User Guide in the video tutorial


  • Power Source: 220V AC (3-Prong Grounded Cord)
  • Input Power: 30W
  • Motor RPM: 100
  • Storage Ball Diameter: 1F
  • Discharge Ball Diameter: 3 in
  • Weight: 4KG