Vibrating robot Kit

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Vibrating robot Kit

The vibrating robot is a very simple and interesting project for kids. They have to learn basic robotics. Learn to vibrating function and experience your project is spinning around. Make things move freely on a flat surface.

The Bristlebot kit provides an exciting and creative hands-on introduction to the world of robotics and electronics! You will build simple electrical circuits that bring your robots to life, using vibrational motion to propel them

Note: markers & googly eyes are not included in this kit.


Material List

    1. Disposable Plastic Cup
    2. Round Sticks
    3. DC Motor
    4. Battery Cell
    5. Battery holder
    6. Battery Holder
    7. Switch
    8. Coin cell batteries with leads

This kit is also included in Little Scientist STEM Kit 1.0

Little Scientist STEM Kit 1.0

Little Scientist STEM Kit 1.0

Video Tutorial


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