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Young inventor STEM Box 1.0

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 30 × 8 × 20 cm

PSC ScienceStore.pk  introducing Young inventor STEM Box 1.0 for age 10+ 6 hands-on STEM project included in this Young inventor STEM Box 1.0

Young inventor STEM Box 1.0

PSC ScienceStore.pk introducing young inventor STEM Box 1.0 for age 10+, 6 hands-on STEM projects included in this kit.

STEM Projects

Hydroelectric Power Generation DIY Kit

A Hydroelectric Power Generation DIY Kit is a working model that can be used for science exhibitions to demonstrate the principles of hydroelectric power generation. The kit includes all the necessary components to build a functioning model, including a turbine, generator, and instructions for assembly. 

Electricity generator with heat

Electricity Generation with Heat Energy Science Fair Project kit. Thermoelectric generators turn waste heat into electricity without producing greenhouse gas.

Electricity Generation with Heat Energy

Energy conversion

Energy Conversion demonstrator developing intelligent STEM toy science electric toy for a handmade science project.


The telescope is an interesting hands-on project that helps students to learn about the lens and its working with daily life applications. Use this DIY telescope kit to explore the science of some of the earliest telescopes!

Mini Hand Made Astronomical Telescope
rubber powered car

Rubber-powered air propeller car

Rubber Powered Propeller Car Kit available at ScienceStore.pk Rubber Powered Propeller Car Explore alternative energy by designing a car propelled by a rubber band and a propeller.

DIY Drone

Students are very curious about drones and airplanes. If they got a motor and fan, they must try to build an airplane or drone firstly. but unfortunately, material for DIY drones isn’t available in Pakistan at a low price. Pakistan Science Club sciencestore.pk presents a simple and customized drone kit that consists necessary components to build drones.

DIY drone kit

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