8 STEAM Project from Be a Maker Kit 1.0

What students can make with be a maker kit 1.0?

 Students will make Telescope, Motor propeller car, Worm Robot, Hovercraft, Air Cooler, Water pump, USB table fan, Projector, etc.

1. Telescope

The telescope is an interesting hands-on project that helps students to learn about the lens and its working with daily life applications. Learn how to make

Motor propeller car

An exciting hands-on activity to explore the basic vehicle design and its construction. Also, participants will learn how to use air pressure to move their cars. Learn How to make

Worm Robot

, An exciting project to understand basic robotics, mechanics, and electronics with fun. It will also help participants to learn about basic mechanical design and its significance. Learn how to Make


An exciting hands-on activity to discuss air pressure and fun happenings of it, participants will make their own hovercrafts from scratch to play with it. Learn how to make

Air Cooler

A fun learning project explaining an interesting scientific phenomenon, its beneficial applications, and turning them into something amazing for the summer season. Learn how to make

Water pump

The DIY water pump is an interesting activity to understand simple machines and pressure, it also helps participants to explore different applications of mechanical operations and scientific concepts. Learn how to make

USB table fan

It is a capacity-building hands-on project along with fun, using household stuff and some modification, participants will learn to make a personalized low-cost USB fan to help them stay cool during summer. Learn how to make


If you’ve watched videos on a smartphone, then you know it can be tough to really enjoy the show on such a small screen.  For those who are strapped for cash and/or in the mood to do something creative, make your own projector. All you need is a cardboard box, a smartphone with videos, and a few basic tools. You end up with a real, working projector that you’ve made with your own hands. Spend your money on something else! Learn how to to make

Material name with Specification

All material is available in Be a Maker STEM Kit on Sciencestore.pk (Tools not included in Maker box kit)

Tools list

Here is the list of required tools and equipment

  • Knife cuter
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ruler
  • Scissor
  • Scruw driver
  • Nose plier
  • Cutting mat
  • Safety goggles

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