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Kit 4 Curious Inventor Kid consists of more than 100 items in a kit – an innovative Science  Kit available in Pakistan with the help of this kit students can make more than 50 projects. This kit is a simple and low-cost version of the inventor box.

Video tutorials are DIY (Do It Yourself) experiment ideas so You may need to arrange some tools and material at your own. There is a verity of projects and ideas you can learn and try if you consider them suitable for you.

The shown Batteries / components may be different (Brand name or size/shape) from the material you have in your kit, but your kit have basic components to perform most of these experiments.

Some additional experiments are also presented here so you can enjoy more learning with a lot of fun.

Basic tutorials

LED+AA Holder

Switch+LED+AA Holder

Motor+AA Holder+Switch

Push Switch+AA Holder+LED

Buzzer+Push Switch+AA Holder

LED+9v Battery+Resistor

Buzzer+9v Battery+Push Switch

LED+Switch+9v Battery+Resistor

Buzzer+Push Switch+9v Battery

Motor+9v Battery+Switch+Fan

DIY Torch Simple

DIY Torch+Fan Combo

Advanced Projects

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