2N2222A NPN Transistor (5 in a pack)

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2N2222A NPN Transistor buy online in Pakistan. NPN Transistor is designed for low to medium current, low power, medium voltage, and can operate at moderately high speeds. It was originally made in the TO-18 metal can as shown in the picture.

The 2N2222 is considered a very common transistor and is used as an exemplar of an NPN transistor. It is frequently used as a small-signal transistor, DIY Tesla Coil Kit, Mini Tesla Tower. and it remains a small general-purpose transistor of enduring popularity.

Features of 2N2222A Bipolar Junction NPN Transistor:

  1. 1. Use in a wide variety of electronic projects, the large 600mA collector current makes this transistor ideal to use it in your electronic projects to control relays, high power LEDs, other high-power transistors and ICs at the same time.
  2.  2N2222A can also be used to amplify audio signals, for example, it can be used in audio preamplifier stages and also in audio amplifier stages. It can also be used as a small audio amplifier or to drive a small speaker in electronic projects.

Specifications of 2N2222A Bipolar Junction NPN Transistor:

  •  Transistor Polarity: NPN
  • Collector-Emitter Voltage V(BR)CEO: 30V
  •  Power Dissipation Pd: 500mW
  • DC Collector Current: 800mA
  • DC Current Gain hFE: 100
  • Transistor Case Style: TO-18
  •  No. of Pins: 3
  • Collector-Emitter Voltage Vces: 400mV
  • Continuous Collector Current Ic Max: 800mA
  • Current Ic @ Vce Sat: 150mA
  • Current Ic Continuous a Max: 800mA
  • Current Ic hFE: 150mA
  • Full Power Rating Temperature: 25°C
  • Gain Bandwidth ft Min: 250MHz
  • Gain Bandwidth ft Typ: 250MHz
  • Hfe Min: 100


Package includes:

  • 5 x 2N2222A Bipolar Junction NPN Transistor

Data Sheet: 2N2222A Bipolar Junction NPN Transistor

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