DIY Saltwater Battery Kit

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Buy online hands-on project Saltwater Battery kit in Pakistan. interesting project to understand one of the oldest concepts of generating and storing electricity by using saltwater solutions with different metals.

  • Buy online hands-on project Saltwater Battery in Pakistan
  • Students will learn about batteries, its types and applications
  • Working project classroom.
  • An interesting activity to understand concept of electrolyte.
  • Classroom project and demonstration for kids.
  • Address the topics of battery, its history and working from Grade 4th – 6th.
  • For children 7+ with adult supervision
  • This kit contains four flat electrodes copper and four Aluminum electrodes. You can repeat your experiments with the same set of materials at home
salat water battery material

salat water battery material

Package contain:

  1. 4x copper strips
  2. 4 aluminum tube
  3. 4 plastic cup
  4. wire with alligator clips
  5. LED’s

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