Visionking 60700 Refractor Telescope

Weight4000 g
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Discover the stars with the Visionking 60700 Astronomical Telescope, featuring a 60mm aperture and 700mm focal length, now available in Pakistan for an unparalleled stargazing experience.

Explore the vastness of the cosmos with the Visionking 60700 Astronomical Telescope, a marvel of modern astronomy that is perfect for both beginners and hobbyist. This refractive telescope is designed with a 60mm aperture and a 700mm focal length, housed in a compact and lightweight frame that makes it easy to carry on all your celestial adventures. With an aperture ratio of F11.7, it delivers crisp, clear views of the night sky, from the craters of the moon to the rings of Saturn. The telescope comes equipped with two eyepieces, K25mm for 28x magnification and K10mm for 70x magnification, allowing for versatile viewing options. The mount is an aluminum tripod, offering stability and ease of use as you navigate the stars. The Visionking 60700 also includes a 3x Barlow lens, expanding your magnification options and enhancing your viewing experience. With a resolution of 2.32 arcseconds and the ability to view celestial objects up to 10.2 magnitude stars, this telescope opens up a universe of possibilities for astronomical exploration and discovery.

Included in Package:

  • VisionKing Astronomical Telescope (60/700mm)
  • One Telescope large tube (60/700mm)
  • A-Z mount 
  • Two eyepieces metal body K-20 and K-10 (1.25inch)
  • One Barlow lens 3x (1.25inch)
  • One Barlow lens 1.5x (1.25inch)
  • One diagonal (1.25inch)
  • One finder scope 
  • One catalog inside 
  • One Moon filter(1.25inch)

Product Description:

Effective Diameter: 2.4 inches (60 mm)
Focal Length: 27.6 inches (700 mm)
Aperture Ratio (F): F11.7
Type: Refractive
Eyepiece 1: K25mm, 28x
Eyepiece 2: K10mm, 70x
Mounting Eyepiece Diameter: 1.3 inches (31.7 mm)
Usable Eyepiece Diameter: 31.7mm
Mount: Aluminum tripod.
Resolution: 2.32xs
Extreme grade: 10.2 stars.
Weight: 8.8 lbs. (4 kg).
Accessories: Finder, 3x Barlow Lens, Zenchi Mira.

Technical Details

Model Number‎VS60700
Focal Length (tele)‎700 Millimeters
Lens Diameter‎60 Millimeters
Batteries Included‎No
Item Weight‎4.1 Kg