Made in Pakistan Astronomical telescope in Karachi for moon and planets

Weight 15000 g

The purchasing of Telescope in Pakistan is expensive and difficult so this Handmade Astronomical Telescope is cheap and easily operable with its DIY alt-azimuth Dobsonian type mount.  The telescope is also good for deep-sky observation. With a 6″ aperture, you have 78% more light-gathering power compared with a standard 4.5″ Newtonian. Objects are shown therefore brighter.

    • High-quality parabolic optic mirror with 150 mm diameter and 750 mm focal length.
    • 94% enhanced coating for a brighter image.
    • A very small secondary mirror improves image quality further.
    • Precise 1.25″ focuser for comfortable focusing – ready for 1.25″ and T2 accessories.
    • PVC Pipe Tube and adjustable mirror cells for perfect collimation and good images.
    • Eyepiece: 1.25″ and 10mm Aspheric Telescope eyepiece


  • Cash on Delivery is not available for this product
  • 70% advance payment 30% on delivery
  • If Available on backorder it will take 15 to 20 days to deliver
  • Contact for any query 03453002870

Model # PSC150750

Optical Performance

  • 6″ aperture
  • f/5 focal ratio
  • 750mm focal length
  • Efficient, highly reflective mirrors increase image brightness


  • Dobsonian
  • MDF Material


  • ABS plastic material with a total length of 160mm and an effective extension of 65mm. Three screw holes are reserved for the installation site.

Eyepiece & Accessories

  • Eyepieces:
    • 1.25″ diameter barrel
    • 10mm yields 75x power (included)
    • 23mm yields 38x power
    • 4mm yields 187.5x power (Not included)
  • Finderscope:
    • 5X24 Single Cylinder Optical Finder Mirror with Bracket

telescope made in pakistan

telescope made in pakistan

astronomical telescope telescope made in pakistan

astronomical telescope made in Pakistan

astronomical telescope telescope made in pakistan

Made in Pakistan astronomical telescope

Made in Pakistan astronomical telescope

Made in Pakistan astronomical telescope

Made in Pakistan astronomical telescope

Telescope Price In Pakistan

The astronomical telescope price in Pakistan is very high because of the export of telescopes from China. There is no manufacturer in Pakistan to build an astronomical telescope locally. The Sky-Watcher 90mm, Dobsonian Telescope, Visionking, 70 mm Celestron reflector, Orion 4.5” Newtonian reflector, and Celestron Evolution 8 Inch can be found a local seller who imports telescopes from outside the country but the cost of telescope doubled due to taxes and customs duties. Some used telescopes can be also found on OLX but rates are very high

  • The Sky-Watcher 90mm price in Pakistan is 75,000
  • Visionking 60mm Lens 700mm Focal Length Telescope price in Pakistan: Rs 36000
  • Dobsonian Telescope Price in Pakistan: 60,000+
  • Sky-Watcher Flextube 200P $535.00 price in Pakistan: Rs 100000

Made in Pakistan Telescope ⇓




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