Electricity & Magnetism STEM Box

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The STEM Box Kit 5.0 is based on an awe-inspiring theme of “Electricity and Magnetism”, young makers will learn how to generate electricity, the relation between electricity and magnetism, and its wonderful applications. There will be step-by-step how-to-do guidance from the online E-learn portal. Kit includes the following projects. Antigravity pencil, electrical motor, Tesla Tower and Shake Generator

Electricity & Magnetism STEM Box

Electricity & Magnetism STEM Box consists of 5 amazing projects. The stem box provides kids with a fun way to grasp the concept of science.

 5 Video lessons about Electricity & Magnetism are available on our channel.

1. Anti-gravity pencil

An exciting fun learning project to explore magnetism, its properties, and applications. The project will also help young scientists to understand levitation and how it can be produced.


Topics learn

• Magnetism and its types
• Properties of magnet
• Levitation and its working

2. Tesla Tower

An activity to learn about electricity, its generation, and high-frequency transmission wirelessly. Students will explore the tesla coil, it’s making, and electricity transfer without any medium.

diy tesla coil tower neon bulb testing

Topics learn

  • Electricity generation.
  • High-frequency transmission
  • Wireless electricity transfer

3. Shake Generator

Electricity is one of the basic necessities of life and can be generated by a great number of methods, since we have been focusing on electromagnetic themes so our young scientists will learn to generate electricity with magnets using a simple technique.

Topics learn

  • Relationship between magnetism and electricity
  • Electromagnetic induction
  • Working principle of induction and its types

diy simple dc motor

4. Electric Motor

The project mainly describes the concept of electromagnetism, the working principle of the DC motor, and its application in various appliances.